Who We Are

Breath of Freedom Foundation is a Non-Governmental group promoting inmate and detainee release and rehabilitation through reforms, skills trainings and capacity building, medical outreach, human right monitoring, care and support services.

We are a group of young lawyers, doctors and other professionals with zeal to change the status quo across Nigerian prisons, and police cells by promoting quality healthcare for inmates, advocating freedom to incarcerated inmates and police detainees and offering opportunities of a new beginning to ex-inmates.
We are also offering public interest pro bono litigation to indigent Nigerians, even as we enlighten Nigerians on their law, their rights and privileges via our various TV and Radio platforms.

Problem we want to address

Studies show that 70 percent of prison inmates in Nigeria are awaiting trial, half of which are under 30. Some of these persons are on remand without release time, and so many other similar cases.

Also in many of our police stations, people are arrested and detained in Police cells usually beyond the constitutional provided time without being charged to court as required by law. As a Foundation, with the support of the office of the IGP, we want to put a stop to this nonsense. Upon notification, our Lawyers are assigned to visit these police stations and secure the bail of police detainees without the detainees paying any money to the lawyer nor to the police authorities. We put out our number for the relatives or anyone informed of the arrest to notify us and we would swing into action once the arrest is brought to our knowledge. Where such matter requires us going further to represent the person in court, our litigation team handles such situations.
Our programs for inmates covers both those awaiting trial and those serving jail terms. However, our focus is on inmates who are willing to work with us through their process of rehabilitation and reintegration. Some of these are young men and women jailed for nonviolent misdemeanors such as failure to repay small debts. We counsel these inmates, secure their release and set them up in business or trade as we our clinical psychologists and correctional counselors monitor to make sure they stay away from crime. We also provide monthly counseling and medical outreach for serving inmates and more.
The foundation also provides public interest pro bono litigation for indigent persons, as well as educate and enlighten Nigerians on the laws, their rights and privileges.

Our Objectives

Justice for All

Promote access to justice for all

Release and Rehabilitation

Promote detainee and inmate release and rehabilitation

Train Ex-Prisoners

Train ex prisoners in skills, vocation, re-socialization, re-integration and capacity building

Promotion of Human Right

Engage in promotion of human right for all

Delivering Reforms

Partner with stake holders in delivering reforms in the criminal justice system

Foster Collaborations

Foster collaborations amongst key actors and partners in the criminal justice system

Collaborate with local and international bodies

Collaborate with local and international bodies and persons in fostering the objectives of the Foundation

Our Impact

Breath of Freedom Foundation is a result oriented, goal driven body, delivering measurable impacts in the prisons across the FCT and beyond. We have a projection of releasing 5 prisoners monthly, with upwards trajectory in the number as we secure more collaborations and partnerships. Our total aim is to reach a point we secure release of hundreds of prisoners monthly and offer them means of livelihood.

Our Approach

Our approach can be broken down into the following points:

  1. Organize health screening programs for soon to be released and serving inmates and provide drugs and health facilities to them.
  2. Organize regular counseling for soon to be released and serving inmates.
  3. Help release poor prisoners via legal representation or by repaying their debts.
  4. Facilitate the release of police detainees who are unjustly detained in police stations.
  5. Create an institutional framework for providing skills, craft and vocational training and rehabilitation opportunities for the inmates and ex-inmates.
  6. Reintegrate the ex-inmates with their families.
  7. Monitor the ex-inmates to ensure total recovery that will lead to abstinence from crime.
  8. Provide institutional frameworks to help offer psychological and social support for women and underaged prisoners.
  9. Collaborate with media outfits and other organizations for awareness against ex-inmate stigmatization.
  10. Organize programs for general well-being of inmates and ex-prisoners.
  11. Engage in collaborations that will lead to total overhaul of our criminal justice system.
Detainees or inmates released by us are based on certain set out criteria formulated by us.
These include: Nature of offence, behavior of inmate, show of remorse and interest for change, skill development interests, and availability of inmate relative to receive inmate upon release and more.
Our reach currently covers police stations and prisons within the FCT and environs. The bigger picture is to extend to other prisons across Nigeria.

Support Us

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the work we do at Breath of Freedom Foundation.

We cannot succeed in what we do, without synergy from partners, collaborators and sponsors like you. Currently, our funds are sourced from our contributions as members, and that is why we seek your support and contributions made through grants and other forms of donations. This will enable us reach out to more inmates.

There are many ways you can get involved both as an organization and as individual. Getting involved include: one-off or regular donations, philanthropy, fundraise for us, participate in our projects, volunteer with us, offer your skills and time, follow up on an ex-inmate, or even share our works across social media platforms to create more awareness about what we do. We would love to hear from you.

We are looking for people with artisan skills that will help us train our ex-inmates, just upon their release. Our skill areas are as follows:

Woodland Crafts. Carpenter, upholstery maker, outdoor African chair maker.

Stone masons, tiller, roofer, outdoor floor layers, block industry owners, painter, paint makers, glass blowers, glaziers, mud brick makers, plumbers, decorators, POP mason.

Well diggers, gardeners, horticulturists, crop farmer, livestock farmer, bee keeper, fishermen, orchardist.

Chair makers, iron benders, welder, blacksmith, boot and shoe maker, cobblers, printer, bookbinder, furniture makers, jewellers, cake making, mechanics, soap makers, candle makers, artists, sculptors, musical instrument maker, tool maker.

Weaver, dyer, silk grower, tailor, hat and bag maker, mat maker,  knitter, embroiderer, leather worker.

Fish smoker, brewer, wine maker, ice cream maker, pie maker, baker, Master of ceremonies, musical bands, acting.

Become A Volunteer

We all make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give ---Winston Churchill---
Give a helping hand to those who need it.

Meet Our Volunteers